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Concealed Weapons Permits

To make application for a Concealed Weapons Permit under Michigan Public Act 719 of 2003, please follow the procedure listed below:

· Pick up an application packet from the Van Buren County Sheriff’s Office or County Clerk’s Office.

· Complete a certified training program. Information is available regarding training from the Sheriff’s Office or through the National Rifle Association

· Submit your completed application to the Van Buren County Clerk’s Office between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. with the $110.00 application and card fee. After you submit your application, proceed to the Van Buren County Sheriff's Office to be finger printed.

· The following is required at the time of application

1. Completed application form (do not sign prior to submission to County Clerk)

2. First time applicants must provide their original training certificate

3. 2 passport quality photographs, size 1” x 1 ¼” - photos can be taken at the Clerk's Office for a $10.00 fee

4. $105.00 application fee

5. $5.00 card printing fee

· After your fingerprints are taken, they are sent to the Michigan State Police for their review, as well as the FBI

· Fingerprint reports are then returned to the Clerk’s office and the Sheriff’s Office, and local checks of criminal histories are done.

· After all checks are completed, the materials are assembled at the Clerk’s Office for presentation to the Concealed Weapons Licensing Board.

· You will be contacted if the Concealed Weapons Licensing Board wants you present at its meeting.

· If your application is approved at the Concealed Weapons Licensing Board meeting, your license will be sent to you by first class mail.

Gun Board

The Gun Board consists of the Sheriff as chairman, Prosecutor and State Police, and the County Clerk serves as a Clerk of the Board. The purpose of the Gun Board is to administer Public Act 719 of 2003. The Gun Board meets monthly to approve Concealed Weapons permits for Van Buren County.

This page last updated on 1/9/2017.


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