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Interactive Maps

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Land Ownership

Property Assessment
Current Parcel Class
Commissioner District
School Districts
Postal Codes Areas
Base Map
Orthophotos 2003
Orthophotos 2007
Orthophotos 2011
Orthophotos 2015

Natural Resources

Land Use (1978)
National Wetlands Inventory
Bedrock Geology
Surface Geology
Major Watersheds
Presettlement Vegetation
Groundwater Recharge Areas
State Land Ownership
Base Map
Orthophotos 2003
Orthophotos 2007
Orthophotos 2011
Orthophotos 2015


Prime Farmland
Septic Suitability (Water Table)
Septic Suitability (Permeability)
Dwellings with Basement Limits
Small Commercial Building Limits
Erosion Potential
Base Map
Orthophotos 2003
Orthophotos 2007
Orthophotos 2011
Orthophotos 2015


2000 Population Density
2000 Total Population
2000 Number of Households
2000 People Under Age 18
2000 People 65 and Older
2000 Number of Renter Occupied Households
2000 Number of Owner Occupied Households
1990 Total Population
1990 Population Density
1990 Average Commute to Work
1990 Total Housing Units
1990 Housing Density
1990 Per Capita Income
1990 Median Housing Value
1990 % of People Without High School Diploma
1990 % of Persons in Poverty
Base Map
Orthophotos 2003
Orthophotos 2007
Orthophotos 2011
Orthophotos 2015


Almena Township
Antwerp Township
Arlington Township
Bangor Township
Bloomingdale Township
Columbia Township
Covert Township
Decatur Township
Geneva Township
Hamilton Township
Hartford Township
Keeler Township
Lawrence Township
Paw Paw Township
Pine Grove Township
Porter Township
South Haven Township
Waverly Township

Cities and Villages

Village of Bloomingdale
Village of Breedsville
Village of Decatur
Village of Lawrence
Village of Lawton
Village of Mattawan
Village of Paw Paw
City of Bangor
City of Gobles
City of Hartford
City of South Haven
This page last updated on 9/16/2015.

The Land Information Access Association gathered the collection of maps available in this Community Center from a variety of Federal, State, and Local government sources. These sources include the Environmental Protection Agency, US Census Bureau, US Department of Agriculture, Michigan Department of Natural Resources, Department of Environmental Quality, and Van Buren County among others. Local field teams participating in the development of the Community Center will be collecting information such as historic sites or points of interest for specific communities and maps will be created showing these points.

The Community Center maps provide access to a wide range of information about our community from census maps to natural resources and local points of interest. By using these maps, you will have the ability to visually compare (overlay) different maps, zoom in to see details of an area, search for a parcel number or property owner, or click on a road to learn its name. The maps should be used in conjunction with information available in the Land Use Planning and Community Information areas of the Community Center. They are intended to promote more informed land use planning, helping to protect our natural resources and the things we care about in our communities.


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