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9-1-1 Advisory Board

Sheriff:                                                    Dale Gribler, Sheriff
                                                              Jeri Tapper, Corp.  – Alternate
Fire Association:                                        Derek Babcock, Chief , Bangor
                                                              Ed Riley, Chief , Hartford
Paw Paw Fire:                                           Joe Mayne & Joe Lemahieu, Paw Paw FD
Police Chiefs Association:                            David McLeese, Chief Decatur     
                                                              Tom Martin, South Haven City Chief
Medical:                                                   Dennis Reynolds (VBEMS)
                                                              Kirk Richardson, Lakeview Hospital
Board of Commissioners:                             Mike Toth, Mike Henry
Michigan State Police:                                Dale Hinz, F/Lt.  Paw Paw
Emergency Preparedness:                          Al Svilpe
Telephone Company:                                Sid Shank, Bloomingdale Telephone Co.
Michigan Township Association:  
Township Supervisor                                  Doug Stiles, Almena Twp.
Media:                                                     Rod Smith, Courier Leader
Public Sector:                                           Randy Peat
Alternate                                                 Gary Baker, Chief 
                                                              Harry Layman, Chief

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